Trying to stay open? The Curbit app, used by companies like Dunkin’ in Los Angeles, is immediately expanding access in Los Angeles and is available for download now for automating curbside pickup. There is no upfront cost or credit card needed to use the service. Full details below.

Message from our CEO…

Just a few weeks ago, I began to understand the serious impact the COVID-19 pandemic would have on the restaurant industry. I also realized that Curbit could be part of the solution.

With shelter-in-place now in effect, our team is working around the clock to provide immediate access to the Curbit app to all Southern California eating establishments. Our goal is simple: To provide a safe, convenient method for consumers to frequent their favorite local restaurants.

Most importantly, our service minimizes exposure times for both consumer and store personnel. Payments are all handled in advance online so there is no need to for signatures or card swipes.

We have strong regional partnerships at both the community, county and state levels. These benefit us threefold: in reaching a broad consumer base, in promoting community safety and in offering support to local businesses during this challenging time.

Would you please join us?

Scott Siegel

CEO, Curbit

How Curbit Works for Your Customers

  1. Customers learn about the app by invite from friends, family and the restaurants. We make it easy to share.
  2. Customers download the app, order from your menu, and we charge their credit card.
  3. They are directed to the pickup area that you designate.
  4. When customers arrive, their order is delivered right to their car.

The Curbit Customer App

Login. Follow simple prompts and directions. Choose restaurant and order.

The Curbit Customer App

How The Curbit App Works for Restaurants

  1. The restaurant receives an iPad pre-loaded with Curbit Kitchen, and a bluetooth thermal printer. Turn them on, go through the easy setup and you’re live.
  2. Incoming orders are silently stacked in the queue by time of arrival.
  3. When it is time to prepare an order, an alarm sounds.
  4. The kitchen silences the alert and an adhesive ticket for the kitchen and the delivery bag is printed.
  5. When customers enter into the virtual parking zone, there is a second alert.
  6. Quickly see make, color, license number and location on a birds eye view of the lot.
  7. Curbit handles the customer payment in advance online so no monetary transaction takes place.

“The Curbit process is extremely simple and our restaurants were able to implement it immediately. Our customers love the convenience and we love the increased business especially during peak times.”

Aharon Aminpour

Dunkin' Franchisee

The Curbit Kitchen App

Login. Track Your Orders. Clear Kitchen Alerts. Easy.

The Curbit Kitchen App

How The Restaurant Onboarding Process Works

  1. Enter your name, restaurant, number of locations, email address and phone number. Send me Curbit access
  2. We’ll send next steps as well as a link to the customer app so you can try it out. Once you indicate your agreement to the Curbit terms, we can immediately get you started
  3. We don’t require any upfront payments. We take a 15% fee on sales and pay for the credit card fees. You set whatever price you like in the app.
  4. Setup is simple and only takes minutes:
    • We pay for the ipad and printer and send it to you pre-loaded with the Curbit app, it’s ready-to-go.
    • We’ll preload your menu
    • We send you everything you need:
      • Printout cards to hand out to customers in your store or place on your door.
      • Recommended text for your email and social media pages.
      • Even paper for the printer (its standard POS paper many restaurants already have on hand). We want you to be able to turn it on and be up and running immediately.


Why is Curbit expanding now?

We had been limiting our customer growth to grow methodically with our key customers but realized that we had a tool that could help a lot of restaurants now and needed to expand access.

Why wouldn’t the restaurant just put their phone number on the door?

The reason to use Curbit as well is the ability to manage greater traffic flow by directing customers to designated parking spots and passing their vehicle information and location directly to your kitchen. Additionally, customers who are using the Curbit app for other restaurants are more likely to find yours and see you as a viable option.

About Curbit

As a commercial real-estate broker, Scott Siegel experienced first-hand the challenge restaurant owners face in keeping pace with customer’s ever-growing demands for speed and convenience. He saw clearly how drive-thru locations were monopolized by the major retailers while the food delivery sites (fueled by major venture capital investments) were aggressively competing for customers while charging steep fees. In the middle were the restaurant owners. To level the playing field, Scott launched Curbit in 2019.

Curbit is an improvement on Curbside Pickup. It provides restaurant owners with drive-thru efficiencies and convenience while not requiring a drive-thru lane or dedicated parking. Instead Curbit uses virtual delivery zones where customer’s are directed to park. The Curbit system automatically notifies the kitchen when an order should be prepared and alerts when a customer is arriving.

Curbit has partnered with several leading restaurants in Southern California including a prominent Dunkin franchisee and has tested its system with hundreds of customers at peak commute hours.


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